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Release Notes: Initial Beta (May 16, 2011)

Release Summary

We are excited to release this first public beta of AudGenDB to the community! While we know we have a lot of work to do in making this a useful resource for a wide array of researchers, we wanted to make this initial release available as early as possible so you can give us feedback on the data and capabilities. Don’t hesitate to contact us with problems, questions, and ideas. We would love to hear from you.

Update: A minor update was released on May 20, 2011, see the release notes for details.

Data Highlights

  • Audiologic data from 37,273 individuals including 55,997 tympanograms, 57,278 audiograms, and 1,086 ABR results (numerical). Additionally, there are derived data elements such as PTA, severity of hearing loss, and audiogram shape available on a per-audiogram basis
  • Basic demographic information is available for patients
  • CT and MRI images from 238 individuals

Major Features

  • Visual query builder with interactive graphic displays of the data in the database
  • Customizable reports with sortable columns
  • Reports can include audiogram images, graphs of PTA over time (for investigating progression), and other fields which are not necessarily amenable to query
  • Export to Comma Separated Value (CSV) for use in Excel and statistics packages
  • Reports allow “drill-down” for detailed data on individual patients including procedure history, audiometry, imaging, ABR, and speech recognition testing (when available)
  • Web browser based radiology imaging viewer with measurements, zoom, and contrast controls

Known Issues

  • The representation of Genetics data for Connexin 26 mutations needs to be made more intuitive for query purposes
  • There are a very limited number of CT and MRI studies available (more details are forthcoming on the website in a post on privacy and de-identification of records)
  • The default display size of audiograms in the user interface may be too small to readily see details for complex cases
  • Legends are not yet available for audiogram symbols
  • There is no way to include/exclude patients based on diagnoses or procedures performed
  • There is no way to save queries or reports for re-use (this feature is planned for a future release, see our detailed project roadmap)

A Note on Supported Web Browsers

AudGenDB is a modern web application that requires a modern web browser. While we make every effort to support older web browsers, your experience will be substantially better when using the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0*.

*If you are a Windows XP user, please note that Internet Explorer 8.0 is the maximum version available on Windows XP. While it is supported, your experience will be substantially better using Chrome or Firefox.