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Release Notes: July 1, 2011

Release Summary

This release included the addition of the full ICD9 hierarchy of diagnoses via a diagnosis “browser”. All patient diagnoses relevant to hearing loss have been loaded and linked to their corresponding ICD9 code.


  • Full ICD9 hierarchy including the description and code
  • Patient diagnoses relevant to hearing loss


  • Added a Diagnoses tab on each patient detail page which shows all diagnoses in order by Age at Diagnosis (some ages are not available)
  • Added the Medical tab on query builder page which will include items such as Diagnoses and Procedures (future release)
  • Added new Diagnoses query criterion in the query builder interface
  • A Diagnosis Summary column is now available for a patient-level view of all diagnoses with their Age at Diagnosis if available. Note: this column is exported as a link to the patient detail page

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