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Database Statistics
  • # of Patients in Database - 95,764
  • # of Audiograms in Database - 185,917
  • # of Tympanograms in Database - 105,901
  • # of Encounters in Database - 180,732
  • # of Patients with Sensorineural HL - 4,150
  • # of Patients with Conductive HL - 8,562
  • # of Radiology Studies - 18,919

The AudGenDB Project

The Audiological and Genetic Database (AudGenDB) is a medical and research database resource that supports qualified researchers studying pediatric hearing health. The database draws information from several sources, including electronic health records, audiological instruments, radiological imagery, clinical genetics results, and genomics research records, and makes them accessible to researchers using a powerful, intuitive, web-based query interface. To get started, take the brief introductory tutorial or jump right in and sign up.

Currently, the web application for querying the database is in public beta testing, and a phased implementation of several clinical areas of interest are scheduled; audiology and demographics have been released initially followed by diagnoses and procedures. New features are scheduled to be added to the web application in the near future.


Learn more about the scientific topics covered by the project and the database.

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